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We do not own any material published on our platform and do not represent the views of founder/Author Blessing Muchuu.

Content owners give permission and rights to material that we publish and share with the public. Every photograph, song, music a poem or a music video created under our platform is not owned by  We do not own it and its copyright law itself that assures ownership. But as stated under google copyright laws  it is possible for us to use a copyright protected work without infringing the owner’s copyright Readmore.

Once content is submitted to our Administrators/Authors, this grants as content rights, which comes with several rights that we, as the website, have exclusively.

Those rights include:

  • The right to reproduce the work
  • to prepare derivative works
  • to distribute copies
  • to perform the work
  • and to display the work publicly, Will Also Share Content Under The Reasons Below

  • Given credit to the copyright owner
  • Charged for a copy of the content in question
  • Noticed similar content that appear elsewhere on the internet
  • Purchased the content including a hard or digital copy
  • Recorded the content TV, a movie theater, or a song
  • Copied the content from a textbook, a movie poster or photograph
  • Right to state “no copyright infringement is intended”.

All Rights Reserved! Under The Digital Media Law Project For Fair Use Of Media Content stated in Section 107 of the Copyright Act.